Electric Radiant Heating Cassettes

Using the radiant heating principle, heating cassettes concentrate their heat directly to people where it is needed the most, creating a gentle radiant heat for a healthy, warm environment.

SunRay's Comfortline, Frico and Rinnai Electric Radiant Cassette Heaters can provide an effective and efficient solution for difficult heating applications. They are suitable for heating premises with a high ceiling/large open areas, for example halls, factories, churches, cafes, or alternatively can be used to heat a single room in offices or schools. Fast response times and efficient use of energy, emitting up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels, provides maximum comfort with minimum expenditure.

The cassettes heat output ranges from 600 watts to 3900 watts and they can be surface mounted, suspended with chain or wire assembly. The panels can be separately switched providing flexible control of heating, and a full range of temperature and timer control options are available to suit all types of applications. The standard colours are white and black, however other colours may also be available.

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