Residential Heating

We have a wide range of residential solutions to suit any home.

Radiant In-Slab Storage Floor Heating

Radiant In-Slab Storage Floor Heating

SunRay's In-slab "off-peak" storage heating is suitable for one room or the whole home/building and can be used with just about any floor covering available such as carpet, timber, cork, tiles or stone, as well as polished concrete floors.

Radiant In Screed Floor Heating

Radiant In Screed Floor Heating

For direct acting radiant floor heating, SunRay's In-screed 'demand' heating can be installed on top of concrete, compressed fibre cement sheeting and timber floors.


Radiant Devimat© 2.5mm Super-Thin Floor Heating

SunRay's 'super-thin' devimat© radiant floor heating system is only 2.5mm thin and is ideal when existing floor heights must be maintained. It can be installed almost anywhere - even on top of existing tiled floors!


Under Wood Floor Heating (Suspended)

SunRay's floor heating systems can be used anywhere in the house, regardless whether the floor is constructed with floor boards on joists or wood-laminates, floating timber floors or massive parquet on concrete.


Devicell™ DRY insulation plates, together with the Deviflex™ heating cables, provide the perfect solution for radiant floor heating under wooden floors with minimal fuss.

Radiant Hydronic Floor and Radiator Heating

Radiant hydronic heating works by re-circulating hot water through piping in the concrete slab floor, or through radiator panels or convectors located in each room.

Radiant Ceiling Heating

Thermostatically controlled, radiant heating 'from above' is direct acting, responding quickly to provide clean, even and quiet warmth to any room, similar to the way the sun provides warmth.

Slimline Radiant Heating Panels

Using the radiant heating principle, heating cassettes concentrate their heat directly to people where it is needed the most, creating a gentle radiant heat for a healthy, warm environment.

Comfortline Radiant Heating Cassettes

An effective and efficient solution for difficult heating applications. They are suitable for heating premises with a high ceiling/large open areas such as halls, factories, churches, cafes, etc.

hydronic underfloor heating coils

Optimise the efficiency and longevity of your boiler. Arrange for us to service, repair and maintain your hydronic underfloor heating system or boiler.

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