Radiant Heating Benefits

Traditional heating methods, such as forced air systems, produce convection currents around each room causing the unpleasant feeling of overheated upper levels, while our feet become cooled by the return air. The air moving across ceilings and other surfaces leads to high thermal losses and additional energy being consumed to make up for these losses.

With a radiant floor heating system, the temperature of the floor surface is higher than that of the air. CSIRO tests have shown that radiant heating warms the whole body compared to convection heating which primarily warms the upper body.

Radiant heating maintains an even temperature with no drafts, hot spots or cold spots. Enjoy fresh air in your home with no dryness or stuffiness. Radiant heating is also silent when in operation.

There are no exposed flames or hot surfaces, ducts or radiators, or moving parts when you use a radiant heating system.

Radiant heating is ideal for people with respiratory problems, allergies or asthma because there is no airborne dust or fumes, and no drafts to cause chills.

A radiant heating system uses thermostats and time switches to look after the heating system, so you can simply set and forget! They are easy to install when building, extending or renovating, and no floor or wall space is lost. There are also no pilot lights to re-light or wood to collect. Simple, convenient and effective!

Our systems allow you to use as many or as few zones as you wish. Individual zone thermostat control with different temperatures in each zone is possible. Thermal comfort can be achieved at lower air temperatures than conventional circulating air systems, and it is virtually maintenance free as there are no moving parts.

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