Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating

SunRay's electric radiant ceiling heating system consists of sheets of very thin, flexible heating elements which are placed above the ceiling and below a layer of insulation to reflect heat downwards.

Thermostatically controlled, radiant heating 'from above' is direct acting, responding quickly to provide clean, even and quiet warmth to any room, similar to the way the sun provides warmth.

How Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating works

When the heating system is first turned on, the ceiling will start to warm up, with minimum heat loss upward (into the ceiling space) by the use of adequate ceiling insulation batts. You will start to feel warm because there are fewer cold surfaces in the room. The floor temperature will eventually become warmer than the air temperature, which will feel comfortable because it will be warmed by the 'warm' surfaces such as the ceiling, walls and floor. People in the room will feel warmth from all the surfaces, as well as the heat being radiated from the ceiling. It's just like having a thermostatically controlled sunroom.

Electric radiant ceiling heating gives you both economy and comfort with each area individually controlled, providing flexibility at your fingertips with no maintenance.

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  • SRT8 COntroller
  • wifi controller
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6 Year Warranty
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Interest free terms available

Can't wait to have your heating installed by SunRay but don’t want to pay for it up front or pay high interest rates on your current credit card? Purchase from us with a Skye Mastercard and you won’t have to. You can start enjoying your heating from SunRay right now with our generous 12 months interest free terms.

Would you like to know more about electric radiant ceiling heating?

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