Gas Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters

Infrared waves and heat rays from gas radiant overhead tube heaters warm people and objects, just like the sun warms you on a cold winter day. This heat is carried by electromagnetic waves from the tube heater to people and surfaces but is not seen or felt until it has made contact. In addition to warming people, the surrounding surfaces are also warmed.

The tube heater’s fan burner generates a long laminar flame heating the tubes up to 650°C, allowing the tubes to emit infrared heat through a special alloy.

Tube heaters are also referred to as ‘dark heaters’ because they do not glow brightly like luminous heaters. In fact, tube heaters do not emit any light at all.

The heat felt by these heaters always sits above the actual air temperature. The lower air temperature also reduces the differences between inside and outside temperature, thus cutting down on the heat transmission losses at the same time.

How does infrared heat work?

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Laminar flame demonstration

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The Schwank Tube Heater Design

We use Schwank, the world leader in gas radiant heating. After having invented infrared gas heating over 75 years ago, Schwank has become internationally recognised for their state-of-the-art, high performing overhead heating systems.

Schwank is a German company with extensive experience in the development, production and implementation of heating systems. Providing energy saving and CO2 minimising products is the foundation of Schwank’s philosophy.

Schwank Gas Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters can be used for indoor/outdoor applications, industrial factories, warehousing and logistics buildings, vehicle service garages and wash bays, plane hangars, welding and fabricating shops, sports facilities, and showrooms, just to name a few.

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Schwank Gas Radiant Tube Heaters
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Overhead Tube Gallery
Overhead Tube Gallery
Overhead Tube Gallery
Overhead Tube Gallery

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